MAXI-COOL is a patented design

Sustainable Server Rack Cooling Solutions

Designed to be responsive and intelligent, MAXI-COOL® is a simple, effective system for server cabinet cooling. The most effective system using the least amount of energy for local or Edge type locations.
Reliable, Effective & Technically Advanced

Engineered Server Cabinet Cooling

The use of computers and the internet is increasing dramatically in all areas of business and home, and these systems are not just located in large data centres and the cloud, but more and more applications are in micro datacentres and working at ‘the Edge’. (The Edge can be described as the dispersal of computing enclosures and data centres so as to be close to the user base or to the point of origin of the data.) Keeping computing systems in locations away from large data centres cool has been traditionally done using comfort air conditioning, – and lots of it! The effectiveness of these cooling techniques is at best patchy, hotspots are common and power consumption is high. Overheating computer systems run more slowly and are much more liable to fail.

MAXI-COOL® is a powerful cutting-edge server rack cooling solution and one of the most reliable and effective rack-mounted cooling systems on the market, and ideal for Edge locations. MAXI-COOL® was developed to be more effective than conventional cooling techniques without any externally mounted condensers, allowing cooling in places conventional air conditioning is not suitable or allowed. For example, rented offices and listed buildings or any space where an external condenser box is not possible.

The MAXI-COOL® cabinets are can be made in a wide range of sizes and can be modified to accommodate any of the requirements of most cabling systems and management.   The cabinets can be made in any RAL colour of your choice and can also include graphics and any company logo taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.  Flexible and cost-effective; our patented system is the superior alternative to standard computer room air conditioning (CRAC) and is cheaper to run, saving you money.

All of our server cooling racks only require a power supply from a conventional 3 pin plug or UPS, no drains or external connections are needed. It is designed to have ultra-low maintenance requirements. Our rack cooling system cabinets can be locked, further enhancing the security of your hardware.

MAXI-COOL® systems are acoustically insulated to minimise the noise from the servers. The unit itself emits less than 65db and is available in a variety of sizes.

At Maxi-Cool we are primarily interested in server cooling solutions, prompted by our clients overheating issues. Every server rack site is different, and the requirements vary depending on the performance of the servers themselves. We specialise in providing solutions for challenging server rack locations and can meet very specific server cooling requirements. If you have an unusual server situation and your current rack cooling options are causing problems, contact us for a chat.

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We work closely with our customers to find the appropriate server cooling solution for each particular location and activity. MAXI-COOL customers are all unique. Contact us today and we will find a cooling solution for you.