Server Cooling Systems

Today’s smaller server room environments are dealing with the growing needs for server rack densities and server over-heating can be an issue.

Keeping your servers and other computer equipment at a safe operating temperature is essential for minimising the risk of failures and ensuring they run with optimal performance. Servers need a constant stream of cold air since they generate a large amount of heat which can damage their internal components. If you fail to take adequate precautions, you could expose your business to many risks, including equipment failure and even fire.

As well as improving the longevity of the equipment and safety, containment cooling lowers energy consumption by an average of 15 per cent.

How Much Cooling Do I Need?

To make sure the temperature within the server racks remains at the right levels. Our cabinet solutions have been designed to maximise efficiency and energy use. The MAXI-COOL® BM319, 3kW unit is a perfect system for offices with limited space. The MAXI-COOL TM418 provides a portable 4kW top-mounted solution for cooling and the MAXI-COOL TM518 an efficient 5kW innovative rack cooler.

Our high-efficiency server cooling solutions work smarter not harder for less power and ensure a stable environment 24/7.

Integrated System

Integrated systems feature the cooling unit inside the base or at the top of of the rack. Cold air has no choice but to pass through the servers and the hot air has no choice but to pass through the heat exchanger, providing a computing environment that is thermally neutral to the rest of the room. These integrated solutions typically cool between 3-5kW for offices and small IT rooms.

Across all server density applications, our sever cooling systems provide reliability and resilience that maximises uptime and optimises efficiency.

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Find Your Server Cooling Solution Today

We work closely with our customers to find the appropriate server cooling solution for each particular location and activity. All our customers are unique, so contact us today and we will find a solution for you.