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Here at Maxi-Cool we are primarily interested in server cooling solutions, prompted by the cooling problems of our clients. Every server rack site is different and the cooling requirements vary depending on the performance of the servers themselves. We specialise in providing solutions for challenging server rack locations and can meet very specific server cooling requirements. If you have an unusual server rack situation and your current cooling options are causing problems, contact us for a chat.

We're on the Move!

27 June 2019

MAXI-COOL is on the move! We are pleased to announce that we have relocated to larger premises in Peterborough, helping us to bring our manufacturing and administrative arms closer together and improve our service even more.

Since MAXI-COOL’s journey began in 2015, we’ve been working hard in order to provide top of the line server rack cooling solutions. We hope that this latest change will help us to improve our in-rack cooling products even further than before, and that we can help even more customers achieve reliable and energy efficient server cooling.

Cheaper and more reliable, MAXI-COOL’s server mounted rack cooling solution that has the necessary cooling power in compact environments, and warmer weather. Rising temperatures require enterprising and bold solutions to server cooling problems, and in MAXI-COOL there is a server cooling system that can provide rack cabinets with effective and efficient cooling.

The path of MAXI-COOL over the past few years has been steady, and with our patent finally coming into place this year, we’re more invested than ever in providing you with the high-quality server rack cooling solutions. Our enclosure cooling system eliminates hotspots, is extremely reliable and quiet, allowing our customers to enjoy quiet servers with integrated rack cooling; the less intrusive your cooling is to your business, the more successful the cooling. We’re looking forward to all the exciting opportunities that this move will afford us, including the roll out of our new 3kW Base Mounted Model, which aims to maintain the lack of hotspots and reliability of our in-rack cooling that make MAXI-COOL so unique. Please feel free to get in contact with us at any time with questions, about our new home or the product itself. We hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to come visit us or arrange an appointment on the Contact section.

Our new address is 7 Saracen Business Park, Saracens Way, Peterborough, PE1 5WS.

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