Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.

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Maxi-Cool base mounted system

MAXI-COOL Rear Door Cooling

Designed for cooling taller cabinets, the rear door cooling system provides precision cooling for IT equipment without increasing the height of the enclosure. By cooling only the cabinet, not the room, energy use is minimized at the same time as providing the exact cooling required to every piece of equipment. The system can be mounted in cabinets 27u and higher and like all the Maxi-Cool range is designed to be portable.

As with enterprise data centres, today’s smaller server room environments are dealing with higher and higher server rack densities. MAXI-COOL® BM319 was created to provide a portable 3kW base-mounted server cooling system that was more effective than conventional environmental cooling techniques and did not require any externally mounted condensers. MAXI-COOL® BM319 is an innovative server cabinet with an integrated and self-contained cooler, which can be bespoke manufactured in accordance with each specific business requirement and corporate identity.

The MAXI-COOL® BM319 is perfect for offices with limited space. The units can be adapted to the needs of individual servers in a modular fashion providing more efficient cooling and energy use. Multiple units can be banked together in a row creating flexible cooling solutions. The units are cooled independently using ambient air within the office and the unit itself emits less than 65db.


If servers and other networking equipment are not kept cool, they’re prone to failure and a shortened lifespan. Damage caused by heat is not always immediately evident – signs of heat damage include node crashes and hardware failures that can happen over a period of weeks or even months, leading to chronic downtime.

MAXI-COOL® BM319 offers 3 kW of rack cooling power, directed onto the servers and sits on the bottom of the cabinet to maximise usable space. It reduces power consumption and running costs compared to air conditioning, and alleviates the need for a dedicated server room, meaning it can sit in an everyday office environment.

The MAXI-COOL BM319 operate at a PUE of 1.4 in a localised and closed cabinet making it more efficient than standard CRAC that cools the whole room. The cost-effective alternative to server room air conditioning.

  • Cooling Capacity
  • Power Consumption

How It Works

Our MAXI-COOL® server cabinet cooling systems are engineered to ensure all the equipment in the enclosure is precisely cooled and hotspots are eliminated. Hot air from the exhausts of the servers is drawn from the rear of the cabinet into the MAXI-COOL®. Here it is cooled and then blown into the server air intakes in the front of the cabinet.

The waste heat extracted from the cabinet is expelled as warm air from the top of the MAXI-COOL® unit. The server cabinet doors are kept closed and MAXI-COOL® activates when the temperature of the server intakes rise above 21 degrees Centigrade.

The cabinet is dust-free as the doors are closed and it does not need water feeds or drains. The temperature inside the cabinet is displayed on a monitor on the front of the cabinet and runs off a standard 13 Amp wall plug.

Key Benefits

MAXI-COOL is a patented design and engineered and manufactured in the UK.
MAXI-COOL® technology eliminates hot-spots and keeps servers working faster with greater reliability.
MAXI-COOL® systems are acoustically insulated to minimise the noise from the servers. The unit itself emits less than 65db.
Quick Installation
All our units are supplied ready for use, no need for a commissioning engineer just fit your equipment in the cabinet.
Low Running Costs
Lower power consumption than conventional server-cooling, MAXI-COOL® reduces both your carbon footprint and your running costs.


MAXI-COOL® takes the form of a neat cabinet with an array of design options, it is quiet to run with no need for air-conditioning, making it an ideal solution for offices or listed buildings without dedicated server rooms.
MAXI-COOL® will work in your space if there is airflow. External cooling is not required.
MAXI-COOL® server cooling solutions are sold with 12 months parts and labour warranty. Maintenance contracts are available after the warranty period expires. Instructions for keeping the air filters clean are included.