MAXI-COOL server cooling solutions 'in the field'

MAXI-COOL customers all need server cooling, often in complex situations.

We work closely with our customers to find the appropriate server cooling solution for each particular location and activity. MAXI-COOL customers are all unique, so if your servers are inside or outside, upstairs or in the basement, in confined spaces or vast expanses, in listed buildings or in rented offices we can help you find a server cooling solution for you.

There are some examples of MAXI-COOL customers and installations below.

Unum Dental

London, EC1

Unum Dental took over a very small office space in a listed building in central London in 2016. The location of existing services and infrastructure forced them to look beyond traditional methods of cooling IT systems.

Unum approached Maxi-Cool for a solution. We visited the site and specified the rack and ventilation system that would be appropriate for the location. With a four week lead time the Maxi-Cool unit and 36U rack was promptly installed and has been serviced and supported by us since.

Facilities Manager, Ian Wigley, says "The Maxi-Cool rack has proven to be very reliable and was an inexpensive solution to a unique set of issues that were presented to us when taking over a new office space. Installing the Maxi-Cool System enabled us to meet the deadlines for the office to be operational"

Film Company

East London

At the end of 2017 a film company in East London were relocating to a new office in a listed building without a server room. They required a cooling system suitable for running powerful and complex render nodes and the associated servers necessary for generating moving images and films. They need to safely house their own servers for fast processing of sophisticated images.

We supplied a Maxi-Cool Unit on a 36U rack specified to house a particular server. The delivery date was arranged to coincide with the fitting out of the new office before the staff moved in.

Law Firm


A law firm in a listed building in Edinburgh bought a Maxi-Cool Unit and cabinet as they were relocating to a building without air conditioning and needed to run powerful servers for processing and confidential data storage.

The unit was installed by our engineers without incident once they had carried the unit up the last flight of stairs.

After the unit was installed the customer decided to change one of the standard side access panels of the cabinet that would allow telecoms equipment on fixed short length cabling to be fed in without the expense of re-cabling. We had a panel made with the aperture in the place they wanted and it was dispatched for the customer to fit.

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