Server Cabinet Cooling

Designed to be responsive and intelligent, MAXI-COOL is a simple, effective system for server cabinet cooling.

How does MAXI-COOL's server cabinet cooling work?

MAXI-COOL server cabinet cooling systems are engineered to ensure all the equipment in the enclosure is precisely cooled and hotspots are eliminated. Here's how it works:

  1. Air from the room is drawn through the MAXI-COOL unit, where it absorbs heat from the cabinet.
  2. Cold air from MAXI-COOL® is blown down into server intakes.
  3. Hot air from the servers is blown into the rear of the cabinet and drawn into the MAXI-COOL® to be cooled and returned to the front of the servers.
  4. Waste heat extracted from the cabinet is expelled as warm air from the top of the MAXI-COOL® unit.
  5. The server cabinet doors are kept closed and Maxi-Cool activates when the temperature of the server intakes rise above 21 degrees C. then re-circulated, continuously in a closed loop.
  6. The cabinet in dust free as the doors are closed, and does not need water feeds or drains.
  7. The temperature inside the cabinet is shown on a monitor on the front of the cabinet.

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Server Room Cooling

MAXI-COOL® is a self-contained cooling cabinet, therefore it’s cheaper and more environmentally efficient to run. It avoids the Health & Safety issues of maintaining air-conditioning systems and addresses dust problems that are common place with server rooms.

Server cabinet cooling takes the form of a neat cabinet with an array of design options, it is quiet to run with no need for air-conditioning, making it an ideal solution for offices or listed buildings without dedicated server rooms.

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