Portable Server Racks.

Cooling for Portable Server Racks. When we think of servers (and server racks) we probably think about work. Notably the type of 9 to 5 work conducted in offices at desks with individuals using computers that both generate and consume data.  This is perfectly reasonable as servers of all types are the backbone of modern […]
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Micro data centres

Reconsidering the role of microdata in your business

Is it a good moment to reconsider the role and significance of microdata in your business? On many levels, the idea of having anything other than remotely held data in your business is somewhat old fashioned. Modern life and business is dominated and orchestrated by the complex and global cloud networks that keep us all […]
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How can cooling for IT be greener?

How can cooling for IT be greener? The last few years have seen a range of often contradictory trends in the way that we are approaching the needs of the environment, energy, habitat conservation, and economic growth. One area where this is apparent is in the cooling of all sorts of IT infrastructure. In a […]
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Server closet - Server Room

Can server closets be an asset and not a problem?

Can Server Closets be an Asset and not a Problem? Modern data centres are extremely well designed and managed facilities, where very careful attention is paid to maximising the reliability of the IT equipment they house by providing the best infrastructure and support systems. Years of experience and a huge accumulation of research have meant […]
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what is edge computing

Which Way Forward, Cloud or Edge?

For the last few years, the most commonly talked about trend in IT is the movement of IT functions to the Cloud. Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of backing up data to ‘the Cloud’, and more and more people are becoming used to using Cloud-based services as well.
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