Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year & best wishes to all our customers for 2022! MAXI-COOL® the server cooling experts.
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! From all of us at Maxi-Cool

The office is closed from 5 pm on Thursday 23rd December and open again on Tuesday, January 4th 2022. Please email info@maxi-cool if a response is required during…
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climate change COP26

Server Cooling after COP26 – What do we do now?

The recent COP 26 meeting has underscored what we already know: the earth is getting hotter, and it is time for us all to do something about it.…
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Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings and the use of Server Cooling

Smart building features are all around us and commonplace, like the lights going on when we use the bathroom in a museum. What seems like a relatively minor…
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music festivals

Music Festivals and Server Cabinets – IT on the road

For many, going to a festival is the epitome of summer fun and festivals can be an experience that provides a total escape from the day to day…
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server cooling for sports

Data Capture in Sports | Maxi-Cool Gemini 2021

Increasingly, data collection and performance analysis of both people and equipment has meant that server cabinets have become standard equipment for sports teams at home and on the…
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Agile Server Cooling

Agility: is it a useful concept for the development of computer hardware?

The word agile is an adjective defined as ‘to be able to move quickly and easily’. As a word, it reflects flexibility and athleticism, and the use of…
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Hybrid working

Hybrid Working: the future of office space and of server rooms.

Since the end of March 2020 and the imposition of the stay-at-home order for reasons of the COVID 19 pandemic many if not most office workers have worked…
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Sustainable Green Cooling

Sustainable Server Cooling at Maxi-Cool

Sustainability as a concept is currently a theme found across central and local government initiatives and in business plans in multiple sectors. But what does it mean?
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made in britain

Made in Britain – Server Cabinets and UK Manufacturing.

In January 2021 Maxi-Cool Ltd. joined ‘Made in Britain’. Joining Made in Britain reflects our product innovation and fulfils one of our key objectives which is a determined…
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server cooling in the NHS

Supporting the NHS via Server Cooling.

As we are all very aware at the moment the NHS in the UK is an extremely complex organisation and the demands on the services available are ever-changing…
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Cooling The Edge

Cooling Local Edge Data.

The progressive growth of the volume of data in all businesses has created specific demands and required adaptions for existing and established data management systems.
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video processing cooling for filmmakers

Filmmakers Case Study

Server rack cooling is not a one size fits all process and there are many variables that those requiring high-performance servers in work must negotiate in the quest…
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Eco Rack Cooling

Eco Rack Cooling

The requirement for the UK to be a ‘net zero’ economy by 2050 remains highly significant for all businesses in the UK and is particularly significant for those…
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Business IT Cooling

In 2016 we were approached by a large US-owned insurer and asked to provide a solution to the IT cooling required due to the merger of a small…
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