Acoustic Cooled Racks

At MAXI-COOL we wanted to design a server cooling system that would assume as quiet a position as possible in any office environment. Our server racks are acoustically insulated as well as cool.

Shared offices can be noisy and distracting. Servers functioning in standard server racks can contribute to the noise in an office, which added to other typical office noises, such as ringing telephones and conversations can add to the stressfulness of an office environment and potentially impede concentration and the ability to get work done. MAXI-COOL will not silence your office but it could help to make things more relaxed.

MAXI-COOL - Server Cooling Concept and the Team

Conversations with other engineering businesses involved with data centre development identified an on going and previously unresolved issue with the cooling of severs in small numbers and in confined spaces where traditional air conditioning was not effective. MAXI-COOL developed as a response to these conversations.

The primary objective in developing MAXI-COOL was to provide a powerful rack mounted server cooling system that was more effective than conventional environmental cooling techniques and that did not require any externally mounted condensers. Having achieved this we have also achieved a system that is portable, will allow the racks to be fully stocked and is quiet enough for people to work alongside.

MAXI-COOL is a patented design and engineered and manufactured in the UK.

James Garson

James Garson

James Garson graduated from Birmingham University in 1987 with a degree in production engineering and has been involved in engineering, in many aspects, for his entire career.  

James founded Maximise Engineering Services Ltd in 2003, initially specialising in engineering services and parts and developed this to include a special interest in productivity and automation.  He designed Maxi-Cool as a product in 2014 and is the co founder and owner of Maxi-Cool Ltd.

Una Garson

Una Garson

Una is one the two directors of Maxi-Cool Ltd.  She is primarily involved in the day to day running of Maxi-Cool Ltd and her particular interest is marketing and long term strategy and planning.  

Born in New Zealand, and having graduated with an MA in History from Auckland University, Una moved to London in 1992 to work in Museums and Galleries and to undertake a research degree. 

She co founded Maxi-Cool Ltd in 2014.  

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