The Physical Cost of Data.

September spells ‘Year End’ for many and not that cost savings are ever far from the mind of those in business, there’s nothing like a start of a new financial year to put monetary saving firmly under scrutiny.

In the second nature of our connected world, all companies constantly look to keep a lid on forever rising energy costs. This will be a key measurement for data centre and IT management teams everywhere. These are the people that hold key responsibilities but they also have the opportunity to score some big wins. Every company strives to be more energy efficient and if savings can be made, then there’s the added bonus at having ticked a big percentage of your company’s environmental pledge or annual objective. If your energy usage can be more efficient, leaner, more streamlined then by the very nature it’s also ‘greener’ with cost savings and boxes ticked thanks to a smaller carbon footprint.

IT teams continually research and work through efficient means of data storage, from thinking about disaster recovery planning, to the physically need to store data. What is so highly critical that it has to stay within your workplace? what could be stored remotely? What percentage of information needs to be in a premium private cloud? What can be stored in a public cloud? Hybrid data solutions are a massive talking point in the current working world.

Maxi-Cool can help to end this line of questioning, by becoming your personal micro data centre, giving control and capacity to keep everything in-house in a self contained fire proof stacked rack cabinet. Internally cooled by 4kw of power, working against server overheating, you gain efficiency in physical storage (no gaps between servers) and in power consumption because it uses one third less of the power of equivalent air conditioning.

Investment in Maxi-Cool hardware gives your budget flexibility to be spent in more innovative areas whilst also lessening your carbon imprint.

Win Win.

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