My Server Cooling ‘Aha’ moment

Having worked with machine tools for 25 years, I’ve always been interested in what could be made to address various problems in engineering. It was after a conversation with a customer and rack manufacturer in 2012 about data centre cooling, however, that I became interested in helping small and medium sized offices with their server cooling. It was that classic ‘aha’ moment inventors have!

The challenges of Office Server Cooling

Speaking to the customer, I realised that people using complex servers and working in densely packed offices often have the problem of their servers overheating. This causes servers to run slowly, or in the worst cases not at all, which has a major impact on the people’s everyday working lives.

In most cases, I learnt that these problems are managed by noisy air conditioning units and by the isolation and modification of the server racks. But this is often not practical or easy to manage and proves costly too.

So I decided I wanted to develop a more efficient server cooling system that was integrated into a server rack and cabinet. The aim was to create a rack that could be used to full capacity and was also quiet enough to work alongside, plus be greener by reducing the power needed to keep it cool.

Creating a better Server Cooling system

The management of the heat generated by the servers was my biggest stumbling block and the main task throughout the process was to find a cooling solution that would provide 4 kilowatts (kw) of cooling consistently.

After much deliberation and experimentation, I came up with the Maxi-Cool unit (which is the name of the inner cooling system) and made a series of prototypes. These were followed by additional drawings and modifications and months of testing under load.

Once I was satisfied that Maxi-Cool would cool consistently at 4kw, it was enclosed and mounted to create an integrated top mounted server rack cabinet. The project was complete and ready for commercial launch.

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