Just how secure is your data?

The highly controversial Ashley Madison data breach has left many questioning, exactly just how secure is my data?

High profile data breaches have been a hot topic in the news recently and it makes every company think long and hard and reappraise how secure their data storage solution really is.

The ease and accessibility of the Cloud has obvious attractions and the ability to retrieve work and data regardless of where you are physically, cuts across many old school logistical issues.

Whether on a work or personal level however, people have to be ever mindful of how they can help themselves. Passwords should be changed regularly and made as arbitrary as is possible. The high profile and highly controversial ‘Ashley Madison’ site hack data dump revealed that still that the most common passwords were “password” or 123456. We all need to think as responsibly about our personal data as do we about our personal physical possessions.

Yet there are still obvious limits to what we, the personal user can do to keep this safe, we are, every time we buy something or give people our personal info, trusting this company that these details will not go any further. Business owners that hold customer/client data in whatever form need to think as priority 1 about the best and safest way they store this. Is a cloud based solution really the answer? Are you an SME that physically needs data on-site? Is a hybrid data-centre, with a split between the cloud and in a physical space the answer to your needs? Or do you have or need a data centre with everything logistically at your finger-tips?

Maximise Engineering Services devised and launched Maxi-Cool in 2014 as an innovative cooling product to give flexibility, peace of mind and importantly a greener alternative for those housing physical data. Maxi-Cool works in a data-centre where it can be remotely monitored or an office environment, where it sits on the server rack cabinet with 38 server capacity powered by 4kw of constant cool temperature. With no air conditioning required, it is more cost efficient and lowers your carbon footprint. On-site data for maximum peace of mind and minimal hassle. Maxi-Cool provides an all-encompassing solution.

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