Server Cooling Issues? – An innovative, energy efficient solution is here.

The Maxi-Cool system provides 4 kW of cooling power integrated within a single standard stack rack. Precision engineered in the UK, Maxi-Cool is a flexible, cost effective alternative to air conditioning.

Why choose MAXI-COOL® for your server cooling?


    MAXI-COOL® technology eliminates hot-spots and keeps servers working faster and with greater reliability than conventional server cooling methods.


    MAXI-COOL® takes the form of a neat cabinet with an array of design options, it is quiet to run with no need for air-conditioning, making it an ideal solution for offices or listed buildings without dedicated server rooms.


    MAXI-COOL® is a self-contained cooling unit, therefore it’s cheaper and more environmentally efficient to run. It avoids the Health & Safety issues of maintaining air-conditioning systems and addresses dust problems that are common place with server rooms.


    Lower power consumption than conventional server-cooling, Maxi-Cool reduces both your carbon footprint and your running costs.


    MAXI-COOL® provides enough efficient cooling for the cabinet to be at full server storage capacity with no drop in performance levels.

Why use Maxi-Cool? server cooling cabinets

How does MAXI-COOL® work?

How Maxi-Cool works? Air flow cooling

How does MAXI-COOL® work?

Here’s how the MAXI-COOL® unit keeps your servers working faster and more reliabily than conventional cooling:

  1. Cooling air comes in from room.
  2. Cold air from MAXI-COOL® is blown down into server air intakes.
  3. Hot air from the servers is blown into the rear of the cabinet and drawn into the MAXI-COOL® to be cooled and returned to the front of the servers.
  4. Waste heat extracted from the cabinet is expelled as warm air from the rear of the MAXI-COOL® unit.

Specs for MAXI-COOL® server cooling

Comparisons between server rooms and Maxi-Cool

Cooling SystemServer Room with Air ConMaxi-Cool
Typical Infrastructure Cost£20,000On request following analysis of individual business requirements.
Typical Floor Space Utilisation9 square meters min1m sq
Special Power RequirementsTypically, 16 Amp supply neededNone, standard 13 _ Amp/230v supply
Structural Changes Needed to BuildingYes, server room needs buildingNo
Ease of expansionLimited by server room size and air conditioning capacitySimple, add another Maxi-Cool cabinet

Technical Specification

Technical SpecificationsMaxi-Cool Cooling System
Cooling Capacity4KW
Power Requirements
230V AC single phase supply

From UPS or 3 pin plug

Power Consumption9.7 AMPs working at full load
Condenser Fan Air Flow1500 cubic metres per hour, working at full load
Dimensions600 mm W x 1000 mm D. The Height depends on the height of the rack.  The Height of a 'standard' 36U rack with an integrated Maxi-Cool cooling system (including castors) is 2350 mm.  100 mm clearance is necessary.
Weight105 kg

Maximise Engineering Services Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications at any time.

Thermal image of a server cabinet with MAXI-COOL®

The left-hand side of the image shows the Maxi-Cool collecting the warm air at the back of the server cabinet for extraction. The right-hand side of the image shows the cooler air, (approx. 22C - ideal operating temperature) entering the servers at the front of the cabinet. Note the uniform temperatures and absence of any ‘hot spots’ within the cabinet.

The equipment, at near max-capacity, is generating 4kW of heat. Dark blue areas represent 18C, white areas 27C.

Server cooling data 2017

Maxi-Cool brings down the temperature inside the cabinet - data 2017.

Maxi-Cool server cooling cabinet

Frequently asked questions

Does it take long to install?

The unit is typically installed in a matter of hours by our engineers. All you need to provide is a power point or UPS source.

Does it need sound proofing?

No. The unit operates very quietly, typically less than 65db.

Does it need external cooling?

No, as long as the room has air flow, the cooler will work.

Can I specify colours and cabinet types?

Yes. We will accommodate requirements as much as possible taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.

Does MAXI-COOL® need much maintenance?

No. The air filter needs to be kept clean. This is a very simple process. In addition, yearly system checks and maintenance agreements are available.

About Maxi-Cool

As an innovative engineering company, Maximise Engineering Services Ltd is always interested in identifying problems and finding solutions for its customers.  The development of 'Maxi-Cool' reflects this interest.   

Conversations with other engineering businesses involved with data centre development identified an on going and previously unresolved issue with the cooling of severs in small numbers and in confined spaces where traditional air conditioning was not suitable.

As a response to these server cooling issues Maximise Engineering Services Ltd has developed a cooling system that is integrated into a server cabinet. The aim has been to create a cooling system that would provide a high level of cooling capacity but be efficient enough to allow the racks to be fully stocked and quiet enough for people to work alongside. 

Maxi-Cool has been designed, engineered and manufactured in East Anglia, UK.

Director profiles

James Garson

James Garson

James Garson has had more than 25 years working in engineering, identifying and solving problems in manufacturing.

Graduating from Birmingham University in 1986 with an engineering degree, James went via Crosby Discs to Amada UK where he spent 14 years before setting up Maximise Engineering Services Ltd, established in 2003.

Always interested in engineering innovative solutions to meet problems in everyday business, James developed Maxi-Cool in 2014.

Una Garson

Una Garson

Una Garson has been involved with Maximise Engineering Services Ltd since 2010 and she concentrates on the day to day running of the business.

Graduating from Auckland University with a BA and MA in History, Una moved to London to progress her studies, working in Museums and Art Galleries before joining Maximise Engineering Services Ltd. Her particular interest at Maximise Engineering is long term strategy and planning.  

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